Welcome to Mommy Instincts!

In a world of unknowns, one thing is sure. A mother’s love never ends.

about us

Mom’s who love. Instinct indicates a strength of understanding and resolve, beyond the comprehension of reality. And yet, we live day by day praying we make the right choices, hoping for the best outcomes, and knowing that doing our best may not be good enough. But, we do it anyway.

Mom Life

From the books we read, to the jobs we do, we share the joys and struggles and realities of our days here. We share them in blog posts, and in messages to others.

Hi there! I’m Jan Verhoeff, and I’ve invited a group of moms to share their ideas, life happenings, events, and possibilities here. 

… you’ll meet working moms.

Like Donesa King who shares her insights into the relevance of living in a world where young adults can prosper in a community surrounded by other young adults. Her efforts to bring disability out of the picture and put wholesome living at the forefront make her a mom among many.

… you’ll meet stay at home moms.

Like Gwen Tucker who remains part of the work force, from her home office. Yet her time is spent raising her children. She’s one of millions focused on making a better way without the confines of a cubical to define her work day world.